Amy Myers

Amy Myers

Broken Arrow, OK

For Me, Disney is about Love and Family


My love and passion for all things Disney started when I was a very young child. The land that Disneyland sits on was my Great-Grandparents orange orchard. They were friends with the Disney’s and the Knott’s families. My Great-Grandparents sold the land to Walt so he could build Disneyland. As a result of that transaction, my family became connected to Disneyland like none other.  I became a Disney Fan the first time I went to Disneyland as a small child. We would visit Disneyland just about every summer. When Walt Disney World opened, my parents started taking us there as well. I had the opportunity to go on one of the very first cruises that Disney did on the Big Red Ships (Premier Cruises). Castaway Key had barely a tender dock and small snack shack back then.

When I was in college, I saw a poster announcing that the Walt Disney College Program was looking for recruits at my university. I was one of the first to put my name on the list for interviews. I was given an internship the following Spring semester at Walt Disney World. I was assigned to the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot and studied Management Disney Style. I Loved it! I received the Ducktorate Degree for Management Disney Style from the Disney College Program. I loved working there so much, that I extended through the Summer. I met my husband of almost 25 years in the parking lot at Magic Kingdom. He was also on the Disney College Program. We have taken our 4 kids to Disneyland and Walt Disney World several times over the years. I know what it is like to take kids from infant to young adult to these Magical Parks. We have done it all.

I have enjoyed helping family and friends plan their Disney vacations over the years. When I found Ears of Experience, it was just a natural transition to become an Ears of Experience Vacation Planner. I love helping folks plan a vacation to the Magical Places that are dear to me. I am not sure how Walt Disney was so inspired to bring so much Joy and Happiness to so many, but he did and that magic continues today.