Cody Cash

Gaffney, SC

My name is Cody. I grew up in and still reside in the small town of Gaffney, SC. Growing up as a 90s kid, I was exposed to many of the incredible Disney movies that we still cherish today. I was fortunate to have a family who loved to travel, especially to Walt Disney World. I still remember those experiences to this day. As a young boy, my dream was to become an animator for Disney while my wife’s dream, as a young girl, was to become a Disney princess. So, when we married in 2014, there was no doubt where we would spend our honeymoon… at Walt Disney World. Since then, we have been back multiple times, and we plan to continue visiting annually for the rest of our lives. Although I never fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a Disney animator, I hope I can fulfill your dream by planning your stress-free vacation for your family to cherish forever. It will be a “magical” vacation.