Melanie Wright

Jacksonville, Florida

Disney has been part of my DNA from birth. To this day I can still remember the first time I looked up at Cinderella’s beautiful Castle. I told everyone that when I grew up, that was where I was going to live. Of course, as an adult I know that living in Cinderella’s Castle isn’t an option, but the magic of Walt Disney World still holds sway over my heart.
When I became a mom, I knew that I wanted to pass that magic down to my children. Luckily, my husband believes that Pixie Dust helps strengthen the bonds of family. His anniversary gift to me every year is to renew our annual passes so we never miss the magic. Our family is always on the go, so once a month we venture down to Orlando to reconnect as a family.
bringing that love and magic to other individuals and families brings just as much joy to my life as if it were my own family. There is something about Disney that just makes life better. If I can help make that trip as flawless as possible, I cannot imagine a better job!