Rebekah Vermeer

Birmingham, Alabama

I cannot remember a time when I did not love all things Disney. Much of my childhood was spent watching Disney movies (especially Sleeping Beauty) and dressing up as the princesses in them. I took my first trip to Walt Disney World when I was seven and, even after returning, watched the vacation planning video over and over again so that I could relive the magic. When I graduated from high school, most of my friends took group trips to the beach, but I asked my parents if we could take my four-year-old brother to Disney World and I got to see the park through the eyes of a child while experiencing it as a teenager. My most recent trip was when my husband took me for my birthday and I got to experience the park for the first time at Christmas. I teared up when I saw Cinderella’s castle light up for the first time. I have traveled to Disney during each phase of my life and LOVE planning out the details. I have planned for many different groups and would be honored to plan a magical trip for you!