Renee Perry

ort Neches, TX

Hello, I am a wife, mother and a Disney fanatic. Our family loves Disney vacations. We have been going to Disney at least once a year for 10 years. We waited until our youngest child was 5 years old to go to Disney, thinking that we would go one time and make sure that everyone could remember and enjoy it. That plan backfired on us. We can’t stay away very long!

I love planning our Disney trips just as much as I love going. The trip that I enjoyed planning the most was for my entire family, my sisters, brother, their children, grandchildren, and our immediate family (17 in all). I had so much fun with the challenge of coordinating the plans for that trip. I have also helped many friends plan their Disney family vacations. I get just as excited planning a trip for other people as I do for my own family.

I like reading about Disney and all the different vacations that they have to offer. I love keeping up with all the Disney news as well. I am always reporting to my family whatever new thing is going on with Disney. Let’s just say I am passionate about all things related to Disney vacationing.