Jeannie Hefti-Fanjoy, Amanda Daughtrey, and Wendy Bradham

Three Mousegirls, Mouse Experts

James Island, SC

These three work together as a team on James Island, SC.

Jeannie Hefti-Fanjoy’s first experience with Disney was a visit to Disneyland at the age of 18 months. As a little girl she loved the princesses and was fortunate to live next door to Joe Rinaldi, one of Disney’s greatest story artists. Joe would sketch Dumbo for her in mere seconds. Dozens of childhood and adult visits fueled her love and nostalgia for Disney and made it the “happy place” for many magical trips for her family of 5!

Amanda Daughtrey has always had a special love for the Mouse and she and her husband actually honeymooned at Disney. The legacy continues as she passes the love of Disney on to their two children. Part of the excitement for her is helping to make someone else’s experience as magical as her own.

Wendy Bradham loves PLANNING a Disney trip just as much as GOING on a Disney trip! A veteran of WDW and two DCL trips, Disney is more than just a vacation location for her family of 5 and she is thrilled to assist others in creating their own long-lasting Disney memories.

Wendy and Amanda are sisters, who grew up visiting Disney multiple times as young children through their teen and college years. They decided it was time to put their love of all things Disney to work! Wendy and Jeannie are former teaching colleagues, who after years of helping their school families plan trips for fun, are excited to be part of a team that helps others experience the smiles and magic of all that Disney offers. These three ladies have traveled to Disney many times and through many stages of life-as honeymooners, married couples, expectant moms, nursing moms, toddler moms, moms with teens, moms who run down to “the world” for the weekend with the kids by themselves, Disney Dream cruisers, and families who take the grandparents too! Let them plan a magical trip designed just for you! You can reach Jeannie at or Wendy and Amanda at Follow their threemouseketeers Facebook page!