Tiffany Ornelas

Tiffany Ornelas

Rhode Island

My fondest childhood memories are of my family and me zooming down the highway in our old rusty camper, “Winnie.” While on a 24-hour road trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, my cousins and I would play card games while singing along to my only record, a vintage Mouse Factory album.
Traveling from the smallest state, Rhode Island, we kids felt like we were embarking on an epic adventure! As one could imagine, with a family-filled camper, epic adventure was an understatement. From visiting unique roadside attractions to flat tires and even a small camper fire while driving down the road, finally arriving at Disney World was the sweet icing on the cake! With core memories made to last a lifetime, my passion for Disney, travel, and adventure began at a young age.

All grown up (well, sort of), It’s fulfilling to see that same zest for life instilled in my incredible daughter, our aptly named Shih Tzu Stitch, and our hero, my Army veteran spouse!
As an only child, when not on family adventures, I was oftentimes left to my imagination. I was fascinated by magical stories and daydreamed about being a real-life princess with the same courage and kindness as Cinderella. As an adult, witnessing my daughter being transformed by a lovely fairy godmother apprentice at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was a lifelong dream come true! The list of magical experiences we have enjoyed on our family visits to Disney World is never-ending; there’s something new to discover with each vacation!

Many years had passed since my last visit, and walking down Main Street, U.S.A., with my little family for the first time was an enchanting moment we will never forget.
With tears in my eyes, I watched the wonder and amazement flash across my daughter’s face as Cinderella Castle came into view. It was as if time stood still, and she felt in awe of the real-life fairytale we had just stepped into. That memory and the joy we felt will be etched in our hearts forever.

I’ve traveled to many destinations around the globe and have been on a myriad of adventures, but Disney destinations will always have a special place in my heart. After each visit, I am already dreaming of our next one, and I would love to help other families make their Disney wishes come true!

Whether it’s your family’s first visit or the twentieth, a theme park or a cruise, I can help remove the stress of planning so that none of the magic is lost.
Disney is in the details, and I would love to take care of the Pixie Dusting while you enjoy the enchantment of any Disney destination!
I hope that together we can create everlasting core memories for your family, one vacation at a time, for years to come.
I am so excited to help bring your magical dreams to life!