Special Needs

When you have a child with special needs, vacationing means careful planning of every detail. Maybe you thought you could never take your child to Disney.

With The Mouse Experts planning your Disney vacation, you can take your children with special needs to Disney and have a wonderful time.

Because each child is unique, we work to accommodate children with special needs and to plan a Disney vacation specifically for you. In addition to our expertise in planning trips to Disney for children with special needs, we also use direct feedback from our clients who have children with autism, sensory integration, and other disabilities, and incorporate it into our customized itineraries.

We make sure everything is perfect for your child, your family, and your budget, because it’s everyone’s Disney vacation.

Here are just a few ways The Mouse Experts make your trip to Disney memorable and enjoyable:

  • Suitable accommodations: During booking, we will notify the hotel of your child’s special needs and request a room that best suits him or her.
  • Avoidance of sensory overload: You receive a list of which attractions have features such as temperature changes and unusual noises so you can be prepared.
  • Time-outs: Each park has several areas for your child to get away and decompress.
  •  Disability Assistance System: Disney provides it to make your child’s experience more magical. Disney staffers are wonderful with children with special needs. We will tell you how to use the system.
  • Dining: You won’t have to worry about your child eating something he or she shouldn’t. Disney is one of the best places to go if you have dietary restrictions or food allergies. The care they take in accommodating food allergies far surpasses anywhere else we have been.

The Mouse Experts have a team of advisors that specialize in assisting families with special needs. From attraction recommendations to where the best bathrooms are for your family, they can help. They know the best places in the parks to give your family exactly what they need to make the most out of their trip to Disney! Contact us now to get started planning your magical trip to Disney.

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