Amy Westerman truly is Ears of Experience. In 2009, after booking hundreds of dream Disney vacations, including honeymoons, journeys to worldwide theme parks, and vacations on Disney Cruise Line® ships, Amy decided to marry her travel industry expertise with her passion for Disney, and Ears of Experience was born.

A lover of all things Disney, Amy Westerman and the Ears of Experience team are committed to creating a magical and stress-free Disney vacation for every client. Using the most updated and accurate information available, they plan each customized Disney vacation based on experience. The team continues to take the same trips to Disney they recommend to their clients.

Amy and her team’s extensive knowledge of Disney destinations spans over 30 years. The Ears of Experiences team regularly visits Disney parks and cruises. They also work closely with a dedicated team of researchers. Our team and researchers have infants, older kids, children with special needs, and are military members who all provide invaluable input into creating a magical Disney vacation for our clients.

A true family business, Amy Westerman and the team take pride in providing personalized service to their clients throughout their trips to Disney. Her daughters, Natalie and Marin, are the Kid Experts who make sure kids know where the best rides, attractions, and food are -from the Walt Disney World® Resort to Disney Cruise Line® Ships and everywhere in between Mickey’s ears.

Ears of Experience has been invited to join the Disney EarMarked Program Travel Advisory Council. The Council is an exclusive group of 20 selected owners of National Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agencies that was formed to help develop and improve Disney’s EarMarked Program and the guest’s experience as a whole. Our seat on the council allowed us the opportunity to represent Disney’s guests, and provide Disney with valuable feedback. We have “The Mickey’s’ Ear so to speak.”

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