La Cava del Tequila Experience

There are many unique experiences when visiting Disney World or for that matter, on any vacation. Many are well worth the effort and expense. Others, well, not so much. If you don’t know tequila and want to know it, or like it and want to learn more, or love it and want to tag along with other people to drink more of it, the La Cava Experience at San Angel Inn in Epcot is an experience not to be missed.

Now it is a small venue with alcohol, so yes, you must plan for it. It took us three trips to eventually get it in and it was worth it.  

We arrived to one of two tequila-tasting tables that day. There were six different agave spirits; five tequila and one Mezcal, with six glasses. 

Along with this was a small rectangular platter with lime zest, cinnamon sticks, coffee, beans, chocolate and orange peel.

Humberto was our very knowledgeable tequila sommelier, a Certified Tequila Ambassador. 

Humberto, our Tequila Ambassador

His family has roots and still to this day farm agave and distill spirits in Mexico. Humberto’s grasp of the history and art of tequila growing and distilling added depth to an already excellent experience.  

The experience takes you through the different styles of tequila. Tequila can only be made from blue agave and come in Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Extra Anejo, and Joven, a blended tequila. Mezcal is made from any single or combination of agave plants. Layered with smoke, Mezcal has an entirely different style and expression from the agave plant. Humberto explained each one, how it is made, when it is set to age etc. What was different about this tasting was the items on the platter—each item or selection of items paired with each of the tequilas. You smelled the oils in your hands and then smelled the tequila. There are several layers, and the smell changes based on where you smell in the glass. We learned the complex palate that tequilas possess, almost like fine wines, and the best ways to drink them.

We love tequila and have for some time. We have a sweet spot for Anejo or Extra Anejo tequilas. They drink like bourbon without the bourbon hangover! We don’t want to ruin your experience, so I won’t divulge all the tasting notes and stories. We came out of this experience with a newfound appreciation for Blanco tequila, especially the over-proof Ocho, but also of Joven, a new spirit on the scene that we had not encountered before. This is an experience to book today, but if this is not your thing, Cava has a fantastic collection of tequilas and tequila drinks for anyone’s palate. Below are the tequilas we tasted during our experience but these may change due to availability.

  • Tequila Ocho , Tequila Plata Punta 101 overproof
    • Made from the head and beginning of the heart of the run
    • Distilled to 128 proof and then reduced to 101
    • Intense agave flavors, high proof
  • Arette Aretesanal Reposado
    • Blue Weber organic agave
    • Double distilled
    • 11 months aged in used bourbon barrels
    • Produced with a tighter cut of the heads and tails in distillation     
      • It focuses the flavors on the agave and creates an easy mouthfeel
  • El Tesoro Single Barrel Anejo 
    • Blue Weber
    • Double distilled
    • Aged ex-bourbon barrels 2-3 years
  • Tromba Tequila De San Angel Inn Extra Anejo
    • Epcot San Angel Inn exclusive tequila
  • Casa Dragones , Tequila Joven, Sipping Tequila
    • Unaged platinum tequila is tempered with a hint of ultra-aged extra añejo (the result is known as a “Joven” tequila). 
    • Very, very smooth

  • Real Minero, Marteno Mezcal
    • Real Minero is considered one of the finest mezcal producers in the world
    • Cultivators of endangered species of agave
    • Own one of the largest and most diverse sustainable agave reforestation programs.


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