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If there is one thing we can recommend about the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, it is to not do any research prior to boarding. For a group of devoted planners like ourselves, we alternatively made the decision to throw ourselves into the experience blind. What we discovered is that you need no prior information other than your imagination. Below read what we thought with no spoilers for those wanting to keep it a mystery.

All you need to know is that you will be traveling on a luxurious Star Cruiser with the incomparable Chandrila Star Line aboard the crown jewel of the fleet, the Halcyon.  Talk to anyone, everyone.  Get involved, do the missions and collaborate.  You oversee your own adventure and get to make choices along the way that will ultimately decide your path with the Force!

How to prepare

Don’t bother packing a bathing suit, or a suit and tie.  Many of the foreign planets can be quite hot, so pack clothes that would be comfortable in these environments (think Florida in the summer) and limit any other clothing to outfits that you can turn into Star Wars-themed wardrobes.  Remember, you are heading to the Outer Rim, a Galactic Wild West, be nice to everyone but trust no one!  Your adventure will be equal parts live immersive theater, themed environment, and real-life role-playing game. Get involved!

Star Wars Dark Side

The Hub of the Ship

The center of life on your luxurious cruise is the Crown of Corellia Dining room, the Atrium and the Starlight Lounge. In our group, we had a variety of specific palates, but communaly decided the food ranged from very good to excellent. We are not big breakfast eaters and when we do partake, tend to be more particular. Breakfast and lunch were served on small plates in a “grab and go” type fashion. While the food was good during these times, it was not comparable to the incredible experience of dinner. Dinner is served prix fixe and displays an assortment of dining options from around the galaxy. Dinner comes with entertainment as well as guests so get ready to be on your toes!  

Get Social

The Atrium sits right behind the bridge and harbors the Sublight Lounge.  Get to know your bartenders, sample some of the amazing drinks and if Ranger is there, ask her about her drinks.  Bartenders can be a great source of information, so talk and ask questions!  Even try your hand at a game of Sabacc, the local’s favorite card and dice game. We ended up at the Sublight Lounge both nights until the wee hours of the morning, meeting others on board and swapping our favorite Star Wars stories. The Sublight Lounge and Atrium area are the heart and soul of the Halcyon. 

Frankie Grande and friends

This is a family cruise, so expect there may be kids on board. There were quite a few on our cruise, however, they were just as involved (maybe more so) as the adults. We had one young girl on the trip who was singled out by Lt Croy for her contribution to the First Order cause!  The kids all eventually go to bed while the adults shift over to the Sublight Lounge for some late-night galactic libations. We will warn you though, that we think interplanetary alcohol is stronger than Earth kinds. It took some time each morning recovering from the drinks we had while bargaining, sneaking around the ship, and generally sleuthing for 2 days.

Star Wars Cocktails

Pick A Side

Finally, pick a side. Dave tried playing both sides and didn’t have quite the experience that Natalie, who chose the Dark Side, did. Dave says if he were able to do it again, he would be the bad guy because “it is way more fun!” Overall, let your inner imagination lead you, whether you be a Star Wars superfan or not. The adventure is not solely about the movie plots, but rather about how you mold it to your story, which makes the Star Wars Galactic Cruise unique to everyone who steps on board. 

Gaya Star Wars

Our resident Star Wars Geeks wrote this blog, the original “Kid” Expert Natalie Sinclair and Dave Hoffman.


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