Angela Whittaker

Valley Park, MO

The very first big family vacation I remember was Walt Disney World. After a few years of hardship my family was doing well financially and my parents decided to celebrate. We crammed our family of four into a two door Grand Prix and drove all the way from St. Louis, MO to the most magical place on earth. I had never seen my father smile so much in my life! He was like a giddy child laughing and taking a million pictures. Two years ago I planned a trip to Walt Disney World with my boyfriend to celebrate my upcoming thirtieth birthday. I read several books and planned every detail including where we would dine and what itineraries to use to avoid long lines. The one thing I didn’t plan on was the man I would later call my husband getting down on bended knee and asking me to become his wife on the first day of our trip. For the rest of the week we had the most enchanting time playing like big kids, enjoying delicious food and entertainment and having a stress free time with hardly waiting in line. After that, I was a goner. A single belief has solidified in me; this place really is full of magic. It can bring families together, make any occasion the biggest celebration of your life, and can make dreams come true. Ever since that moment I have wanted to help people have that same feeling of excitement, relaxation and utter, complete joy.

I also work as a registered pharmacist and I have a lot of experience getting to know my customers, understanding what their needs are, and coordinating with other colleagues to take care of them. I am extremely obsessed with details!!! Working with Ears of Experience gives me the opportunity to help families feel happy and healthy in an entirely new way. There truly is no place like Disney for your family vacation! I would be thrilled to help you and your families make memories of a lifetime!