April Busby

Ponce De Leon, Florida

My name is April Busby and I live in Ponce de Leon, Florida, near the beautiful beaches of Destin. My husband and I love to travel to Disney World with our two almost teenage boys. We took our first two trips to Disney World as a family when our boys were toddlers. A couple years later, our youngest son was diagnosed with ASD. In 2011, when he was 6, we planned another trip to Disney World and just knew that it was going to be an amazing trip for all of us. As a young mother with no experience with a special needs child, I had no clue that I should have prepared my youngest better so that the “Magic” would feel more “Magical” to him. Since he suffered from so many sensory issues, many rides and fireworks were unbearable for him. We came home disappointed, but I made it my mission to put the “Magic” back in it for him! After a lot of research, we were ready to pack up and try again. We visited Disney World three times that year, with each visit becoming more and more “Magical”. Since then, we have tried to make Disney World a yearly adventure. Both of my boys are now truly in love with Disney…noisy rides, fireworks, unexpected surprises, and everything in between!!!

I am so proud to now be an Agent with Ears of Experience. The owners knowledge and love of helping families with special needs accommodations is amazing. It is what really drew me to this company. This information would have been so helpful to me many years ago, and I am so happy that I am now able to help other families that need the assistance. Making all Disney Destinations a “Magical” experience for all ages is now my number one goal!