Becky Owsley, Mouse Expert

Becky Owsley, Mouse Expert

Rincon, GA

Although I didn’t get to visit Disney until I was an adult, the love for Disney has always been in my heart. When the opportunity to go visit Disney World with another friend arose, I was thrilled and definitely felt the magic of childhood as an adult in Disney for the first time. Having gone back many times since then, with my husband and now our kids, I am still feeling the magic.

When we started using an Ears of Experience agent to plan our trips, I felt my own passion for helping others navigate Disney vacations grow until this became a new career for me to pursue as well.

There is something for every age with Disney. I love seeing Disney through my kids’ eyes and how that experience changes at different ages. Witnessing teenagers and young adults, as their innocence and joy spills from them, reminds me they are really still kids at heart and Disney brings that out.  I continue to love the moments of letting my own inner child out as an adult, but I also really enjoy the amazing adult experiences we have had at Disney as well.

As I learn about you, as a Disney client, I keep all this in mind. Who are you bringing on your vacation? Every person is different, but I do my best to get to know what you want and expect, and I try to plan your trip so that it will feel the most magical to you.