Bonnie Dickason, Mouse Expert

Bonnie Dickason, Mouse Expert

Wesley Chapel, Fl

Like so many, I fell in love with Disney at a young age.  But until I experienced the “magic” at Walt Disney World, I didn’t realize just how special it really is.

Originally from Ohio and now living an hour away from the “magic”, I’m still making memories and experiences at Disney to share and help make other families vacations stress free and full of the excitement and wonder that Disney has to offer.

My husband calls Disney World “our playground”, and it certainly is.  We have enjoyed the parks by ourselves as well as with family,  friends and our “kid experts” ( now 10 & 11) , and each group completely changes the experience!

So, whether you are traveling with adults only, families, a girl’s get away or a guys golfing trip, there are so many ways to catch the “magic” of Disney.  I would be happy to help you plan your magical getaway!