Christine Guest

West Haven, CT

I live in West Haven CT with my husband and two amazing sons. As a kid one my favorite things to do was to sit and watch Disney movies with my family. This is where my love for Disney started. I couldn’t wait to go to Disney World and experience the magic in person. Since then I have planned many vacations for my family. In addition, I have been asked several times to help friends and other family members to book their trips.

I have been a gymnastics coach for over 25 years and I really enjoy working with children. I particularly enjoy working with special needs children ( I am a mom of a special needs child and understand there are many obstacles to overcome while traveling). I also LOVE seeing the world through a child’s eyes, so when I was able to take my kids to Disney, the love for “Mickey’s house” as my kids call it, only became greater. When I saw the opportunity to become a Travel Specialist for Disney Destinations, I jumped at the chance to assist families. To see the absolute joy that their children will experience not only at Disney World but at the many places that Disney has to offer is so rewarding. I can hardly wait to book your families’ trip soon!