Dawn Rodriguez

San Antonio, TX

I first visited Walt Disney World when I was very young, maybe second or third grade. I barely remember the experience. It was not until my husband and I took our daughter, while home on leave from Germany, that my true love of Disney World took flight. What drew me into the essence of Disney was the impeccable customer service, attention to detail, and the care the company takes to make sure every guests experience is magical.

We travel often to Disney World to celebrate special events in our lives; daughter’s 21st birthday, 25th wedding anniversary, and annual Cancer-free celebration. Disney World has become an annual destination for us, as we attend the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, sponsored by Chase. The event occurs in the fall, from September into November; it is such a great time to be there.

I have spent countless hours guiding friends during their own Disney World planning process, so natural progression for me was to join Ears of Experience as an Intendent Contractor. I love the opportunity to serve you and your family and to make your Disney vacation the most magical you have ever experienced.