Elizabeth McGurgan, Mouse Expert

Elizabeth McGurgan, Mouse Expert

Germantown MD

My first memory of Mickey Mouse, was meeting him in person at Disneyland when I was a little girl. I grew up fortunate to travel many places with my parents and two sisters and sometimes extended family. We enjoyed the big vacation usually once a year and I always looked forward to our travels, but none more than our trips to Disneyland and Disney World.  I even took a church bus trip to Disney World when I was a teenager. That was a very long bus trip from New York to Orlando, but so much fun!

I couldn’t seem to stay away, my cousin and I even took a girls trip when we were young adults and acted like little kids the entire time! Over the years, my sister and her family were going yearly and joined the Disney Vacation Club. Once I had my daughter, she invited us to join her and that really reinforced my love of Disney. We started going with extended family and in 2009 my mom took all 13 of her kids and grandkids for a magical week! That tradition has continued even after my mom’s passing in 2012. She felt that it was the perfect place for everyone to gather and enjoy each other’s company while having fun as a family. My 11 year old daughter has been a total of 9 times already…a Disney Addict in the making!!

I have always been the planner of these trips and over the years have really learned the little things that make a trip to Disney successful. This past summer I planned another family trip. My in-law’s asked me to plan an 8 day trip to Disney World for 13 of us…all their children and grandchildren and I was so excited to do it! The trip was fantastic and everyone had the best time, even in the hot, humid, crowded month of June!

After this trip, I decided to put my Business Management degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University to good use and join Ears of Experience, LLC as an Affiliate. It was time to put my knowledge and love of all things Disney to good use and help others make special memories like I have.