Heather Mourtacos

West Middlesex, PA

My love for all things Disney started when I was little and would travel with my family to WDW and Disneyland.  I remember feeling that it truly was one of the most magical places on Earth from the time you arrived until the time you left.  When my daughter was born, I could not wait to share those experiences with her and to make all new memories at the place where dreams can come true.
Maya was 3 1/2 years old the first time we took her to WDW.  I had a conference in Orlando for work so it seemed like the perfect combination trip.    We had so much fun that we have been to either WDW or Disneyland once or twice per year since with a couple of Disney Cruises thrown in the mix.
I have done the research and I have experienced the magic of a Disney Vacation.  I know that when Disney is done right it can be the best family vacation ever and that it is important to get the trip right for everyone involved.  I also know that planning a Disney Destination Vacation can seem overwhelming at times especially if this is your first Disney planning experience.
For all of these reasons I wanted to share my love of all things Disney and my expertise in planning the perfect trip with others.  When I had the opportunity to become an Independent Contractor with Ears of Experience, LLC and complete Disney’s College of Knowledge, I jumped at the chance. I would love to help you have the same wonderful and magical experiences that my family has had while vacationing with Disney.