Julie Shearer

San Francisco Bay Area, California

In 1963, my parents took me on my first vacation to Disneyland.  Over the years, I have traveled to Disneyland at least once a year since then.  I have been to Walt Disney World several times and even had the opportunity to sail on the Big Red Boat; the original Disney Cruises.  
I have had the pleasure of planning trips with family, friends, my new born babies, people who have been as many times as I have and adult friends who have never been.   I have the knowledge and personal travel experience to create Magical Memories for you.  When I found out I could help clients enjoy Disney Destinations as much as I do, I jumped at the chance.  As a member of Ears of Experience I have access to resources to create amazing trips.
Email me and I will create the Magic for you.  Let me do all the work and you have all the fun!