Madalynne Hoffman

Las Vegas, NV

Ever since my parents surprised my brother and I when we were kids for the first time with a trip to Disneyland, I’ve been hooked! I’ve become a huge Disney fan, I truly love everything Disney and find any reason to celebrate at their locations.

When you get to know me you get to know Disney. After taking my husband there for his first time he knew the magic of Disney and must have saw it in me too. The next time we went, he proposed to me in front of Sleeping Beauties Castle. Now we get to take our little family together to make more memories.

I always have a trip somewhere in the future planned to go back. I’ve been to Disneyland multiple times, Disney World a few times and also Disney’s Cruise line. However, going during Christmas time is by far my favorite. It’s their renowned attention to detail and most of all service and quality in everything they do. The parks never stop growing and changing; there’s really something for everyone, and for all ages.

Disney is family, something we’ve all had some connection with. Now I get to go even further and make other people’s wishes come true. This is a dream job for me!