Melissa Lane

Charleston, SC

I love everything about Disney! My love for Disney goes back to the regular visits my family took when I was a child; however, my love for Disney has grown as an adult as I witness my own children discover the magic of Disney. Disney really is the most magical place because when you’re there your only job is to make wonderful memories with your loved ones. It is so nice to get away from everyday responsibilities to just enjoy yourself. Hearing the squeals of delight from my son as he experienced his first roller coaster and watching my daughter jump up and down in anticipation as she waited to meet her favorite princess for the first time are memories I will never forget. I want others to experience the same joy with their family that I do with mine. As more and more of my friends began asking me for help when planning their Disney vacations, I realized that planning magical Disney vacations was the perfect job for me and something that I absolutely LOVED doing. The memories made at Disney last a lifetime and I love being a small part of that!