Amy Losinski, Mouse Expert

Amy Losinski, Mouse Expert

Michigan City, Indiana

It is easy to say I love all things Disney.  My love for Disney started as a family tradition from my parents and has become a tradition that I have past onto my children as well.

It started out as a young child vacationing to Disney every other year with my parents and sister.  By about 6th grade, it became our traditional family trip that we took every year as a family of 4.  We were lucky enough to get to share our love on these adventures with friends and family on some of our trips.  As I got older I found a new joy with these trips and my parents were glad to let me help – the PLANNING!  I LOVE it!  It is what makes the anticipation to the next trip go by that much faster!  I quickly became our family’s planner sometimes for our trip of 4 and other trips involving bigger groups.

While studying hospitality in school, I had the joy of experiencing Disney through their college program and spend some time working with them.

Our trips have changed once again as now I go down as a mother and have grown to see another side of Disney through my children’s eyes.  I have now passed the love and tradition my parents gave to me to my children.

What makes my planning experience unique is I have experienced it and planned it for all stages, as no two families are alike and each family has their own individual needs.  My family’s wants and needs have changed over the past 30 years, but our trips to Disney always meet the new demands and create wonderful memories that will last us a lifetime!