Lana and Tommy Jarnagan, Mouse Experts

Lana and Tommy Jarnagan, Mouse Experts

Deer Park, TX

My passion for Disney came at such a young age, for I found comfort in my pal Mickey. My grandmother started me on Walt’s Dream, and I have been a fan ever since. I was glued to the TV every weekend, for that was my favorite part of the week. Every Saturday morning you would find me watching all the Disney cartoons, just hanging out with Mickey and his pals. Sunday evening was a special time as well, for it was the Wonderful World of Disney, where I could see Walt’s masterpieces come to life. My passion for Disney grew along with me. My first visit to a Disney theme park was at the age of 26, and I remember it like it was yesterday, and all the feelings of JOY that came along with it. I had another opportunity that came along when I was 30, and I couldn’t believe it, I was finally getting to go to Walt Disney World and experience even more magic. I met all the characters of my dreams and so much more, collected autographs, and of course, had my picture taken with all of them.


Then at the age of 35, I married my prince charming, and he brought along with him twin princesses at the royal age of 4. We had a small town home feel Disney themed wedding. Then Tommy swept me off my feet and put me on the Disney Magic for a magical cruise. And then, if that wasn’t just perfect, he added the land package and we spent our first week as husband and wife at a place that is so dear to me, Walt Disney World. Since then we have been on 10 Disney cruises, been to Disneyland a couple of times, and to Disney World more times than I can count.


I am always in “Ahh” every time we go on any Disney destination, for it brings out so many happy feelings and memories. I am usually emotional when our vacation comes to an end, for the Disney Magical Experience holds a very special place in my heart.


We would like to pass on the “Ahh” moments to you and assist you in creating your own Disney Magical Moments, giving you the Concierge service you deserve.