Juls Oliveira

Hubert, NC

Like many Disnerds, Juls Oliveira Grew up on VHS cassette tapes of classic Disney movies. The first Full length Disney animated feature she saw in the movie theater was “The little Mermaid”. She was seven and half that Summer. From then on Her love of Disney would grow with each new Musical, and each new story. Juls can Mark the milestones in her life on which Disney movie had come out at the time.

Juls Is Married to an Active duty Sailor in the United states Navy. They have 3 children ranging from teen to youngster. With several deployments and year long separations under their belts, Juliana is familiar with Making the most of a short planning window, and making sure her family is able to get the most out of their special Family time at Disney.

With a passion for Research, You can feel confident that Juls always has the most up to date information straight from the Disney pipeline, allowing you to enjoy a stress free Disney Vacation full of magic and moments of wonder.