Michelle Alexander, Mouse Expert

Loveland, CO

My passion for all things Disney goes back as far as I can remember. I grew up visiting Disneyland, watching the Wonderful World of Disney, The Mickey Mouse Club, and all Disney movies. I even collected Disney toys, books and stamps. Upon graduating from high school, my parents took me to Disney World and I was awestruck! I still get that very same feeling every time I walk on Disney property.

During my time as a Business Administrator and Personal Assistant, I discovered my second passion is vacation and event planning. I absolutely enjoyed working out all of the details to make vacations and events easier and less stressful for those taking part.

I truly believe the key to a successful and memorable vacation is in the details. However, details can be overwhelming- that’s where I come in! As an agent with The Mouse Experts, I am able to put my two passions to work and share my expertise by planning vacations to all Disney Destinations. I will take care of many of those pesky details while providing you with a personalized itinerary when you book your trip through me. My fee-free concierge services will melt the stress away and allow you to immerse yourself in the joys of Disney and make your memories magical.