5 Reasons to book a Disney Vacation with an The Mouse Experts agent.


There are many reasons to choose a company like The Mouse Experts over Disney direct for your next Disney vacation.

  1. Training

We set high standards for our agents and a brand as whole. Training is a priority at The Mouse Experts. This is to insure we have a team of professionals who have the most up to date information on the destinations and information to insure their clients have the best experience on their Disney vacation.

  1. Automatic Price adjusting

If a new promotion comes out, we will auto adjust all applicable bookings and notify our clients with a “Surprise we were able to lower you current booking price”

You don’t need to monitor or watch for these specials, we take care of it for you.

  1. Dining

If you don’t have a plan and know where you are going on what days, what to eat, where to eat, it can be overwhelming. Whether you know where you want to eat or no idea, we will assist you with all your dining reservations and make suggestions based off questions we ask you.

  1. Planning

We will help you with what parks are best on what days based off crowds, park schedules, special events.  Our clients get a suggested flow of what to experience in what order so they have an enjoyable day in the parks. We run our park suggestions for our clients regularly. We have agents in the parks every day so if things need to be tweaked or changed, we have them run it, see how it goes so our clients have the most seamless vacation and stand in less lines and on more attractions. Disney changes things and we know it is important to have the most up to date information for our clients.

  1. Clients with special needs

If you have someone in your party who is medically fragile or with special needs, we can assist you. We are very well versed in this area with agents on staff who have an extensive background in working with clients with special needs. We will make room requests, speak with the resort directly to insure thy are aware of the situation, and the make the entire process less stressful.


Not only will you have a dedicated agent who will walk you through the entire process but one who has a support system of a brand who truly cares about the client experience.








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