Disney in a Group, Making Memories

There are some things you just cannot put a price tag on. I have just returned from a five day trip to Walt Disney World© with one of my closest and oldest friends. We have been friends since first grade; 33 years. We both have two girls close in age and seeing the four of them interact was priceless. The time spent together was amazing!

We saw friendships grow, hands being held, conversations I overheard that made me laugh, and they even encouraged one another to do things they may not have done if it wasn’t for one another. Very similar to experiences I have had with their mother over the years.

The Girls before dinner at California Grill, on top of the Contemporary


I love Disney for some many reasons of course but it is so great for groups like this. They accommodated us even on one of the busiest weeks of the year as best they could even with our multiple dining reservations. The pool at the Beach Club was perfect for our group as it has so many areas for different swimming abilities; sandy beach sections, slides, waterfalls, lazy rivers, etc. All the kids, regardless of swim level had their own favorite places. To then have time to catch up with one of my oldest friends while watching our kids having their time of their lives, was something I could not put a price tag on.

As I was driving home last night, I heard about a woman I have never met but is the wife of someone my husband worked with. She died yesterday of cancer at 33 years old. She was a mother, a friend, a wife. That could have been anyone. I feel very lucky and blessed to have had the five days I had with my dear friend and our kids, memories to last a lifetime. Even for me, someone that goes to Disney all the time.

Tips for travelling in a large group:

Disney affords a group the opportunity to both do things together as well as split up. I highly encourage folks to split up if they are in a large group to avoid trying to appease everyone and avoid rising tensions. Rarely does everyone want to do the same things all the time and if they always go with the crowd, regret and bad moods tend to arise. So split up, take a break from one another.  We had 9 in our party and sometimes you all just need a break.

Be flexible. If the kids are having fun swimming, let them swim. Believe me, I am all about a schedule but there is a fine line between Drill Sergeant and organized.

Stop and enjoy the little things. There are so many things at Walt Disney World© that are happening and when travelling in large groups, you are less likely to stop and enjoy these things. Some of these little things are the ones people remember the most.

Meet new people. Just because you are in a large group does not mean you cannot make new friends. This is the greatest place to meet new people. Whether you are standing in line, talking to a cast member, hanging at the pool, there is always a new face to talk to. I have met some of the friendliest, most interesting people from around the world at Disney. Who knows who might be a part of your group by the end of your trip!

Take pictures, videos, and don’t wait too long to do it again. One thing that I was reminded of today, life is too short, enjoy your friends and family.

They love Pooh! No matter what their age!

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