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A GREAT new application just came out for Verizon subscribers that puts a virtual personal tour guide of the Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resorts right in the palm of your hands. It’s the official Disney Parks Mobile Application and the soft launch just became available to download. The application provides valuable information for you such as attraction wait times for the park you are in, Disney’s Fastpass® Service return times and the ability to located your favorite characters using your mobile device. It also has built-in GPS technology that displays park maps that pinpoint your location. By providing location-specific, real-time guides for each of Disney’s parks and resort hotels, you can find what you’re looking for more quickly, navigate the park with confidence, and spend more time enjoying yourself in the park. It also has live competitive trivia games, videos, character stories and other surprises to keep you entertained while waiting in line at the park. This soft launch will provide the opportunity to fine-tune the application to better prepare us for their official launch in January.

Unfortunately, this app is currently only available on select Verizon wireless phones. For those of us with Blackberrys, we’ll have to wait until January to see if they are added in the final version. Here’s the list of phones the app is currently available on and some of the various screen shots you will see with this application:

– LG Glance
– LG VX Chocolate
– LG Chocolate 3
– LG Decoy
– LG VX 8700
– LG Venus
– Moto Adventure
– Nokia 7205
– Samsung Renown
– Moto 325
– Samsung 540
– Samsung 550
– LG 5500
– Nokia 6205
– Moto 755
– UT Starcom 8950
– UT Starcom GC1-c711
– GZ1 – S Boulder
– Moto K1 -M
– Moto – L7c
– LG 8350
– Samsung Trance
– Moto V3m
– Moto Barrage
– Moto VU204













This app is available for download for $9.99 per 180 days of service. To purchase the application, text the word MAGIC to 2777 from your Verizon phone. I see this as a small price to pay for all of the conveniences this app provides. As far as I know, it’s the only one using real-time data. There are others out there, but they all use statistical analysis. When it comes down to making or missing a pop-up character greeting for your child’s favorite character, there’s no question in my book as to whether or not it’s worth it.

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3 Responses to “Disney Mobile Magic Application”

  1. Michelle Alford says:

    That’s a great app! They should offer it for shorter periods of time, though. Most people will only want it for a week, not for 180 days.

    • I guess there are enough people who go often enough to make it that way. Even if you’re only there for a few days, I still think it’s worth the $10 for all you get. I’m crossing my fingers for them to add Blackberrys to the list soon!

  2. If you click on the pictures in this post, you will see a larger view of them. It really shows the details they put into this application.

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