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RER at StationAfter four days of touring Paris, we finally made it out to Disneyland Paris for the day. Before I get to that (in a different blog), I thought I would go over how to get there first, as it can be a little confusing riding the trains in Paris.

Disneyland Paris is located in Chassy-Marne la Vallee, which is about 20 miles, or about a 45 minute train ride, from the center of Paris.

RER Station Map, Paris

RER Station Map, Paris

The main line running out there is the RER red line (the A4). Be careful though, as there are two red lines running east, the A2 and the A4. If you happen to get on the wrong one (like we did), don’t worry. You can get off at the next stop and wait for the next train to come along. They alternate between the A2 and the A4.

When you get on the train, there are line maps over the doors. Make sure it says ‘Chassy-Marne la Vallee, Parc Disneyland’ at one end of the line. Some train maps have small lights that light up along the route as you get to each stop, but not all of them did. RER Train MapThere’s no need to worry about missing your stop, because the majority of people get off the train here. The park entrance is a very short walk from the station.

The return trip is a little easier, because you don’t have to decide which train is the right one. There’s only one going back west. Hopefully, this will make your trip out to Disneyland Paris a little easier. If you have any additional tips, please let us know. Thanks.

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