Epcot®, by Kid Expert Nattie, Age 10

Epcot is awesome!!!!! It’s based on the future, inventions, and countries around the world. Some people say it’s only for parents and that kids would get bored in the first 5 minutes but that’s not true. Epcot has fun for all ages. There are Kidcot Fun Stops, rides, and much, much, more. Different countries are placed in the World Showcase. Each country has natives from there that you can ask questions about anything there! You can decorate masks with markers at each country and when you are finished you can show off your style of imagination. Just remember, do a little at each country so you will have room!

Test Track, MISSION:Space, Soarin’, and Living with the Land are just some of the things that are available outside of the World Showcase. My dad and I personally like them all. My mom and sister aren’t too big on the whole “going on tough rides”. We recently found Living with the Land in the same building as Soarin’, which is really neat! There is a green house with bananas, ginger, asparagus, and more plants that we use every day. Most of the foods you eat at the restaurants in Epcot are grown in the green house in Living with the Land. If I had to sum Epcot into one sentence I would say, “Fun School!”

Written by our Kid Expert, Nattie. Check out more of what she has to say as well as more tips and tricks at her Kid’s Only Site.

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