Giving the Gift of Travel

How many holidays have you found yourself running around looking for “something” to buy your loved ones because you have no solid ideas but it is the holiday and well, that is what you do right? THEN you open your child’s closet in July, to find the gifts unopened. Gifts are tricky, they are either unopened or interest is lost within weeks. The exceptions are the large purchase electronics. However, these are the gifts that are the least memorable. As the kids get older, will they remember when you bought them that new IPhone or the latest X Box version? How about the year you gave them a cruise and they swam with dolphins, climbed waterfalls in Jamaica, or saw the glaciers calf in Alaska? An added benefit is you can actually enjoy the holiday season and not spend it as stressed running around buying random gifts.


More than unwrapping a present.

Giving the gift of travel does more than fill a requirement of giving a gift. It brings joy in many ways. The opening of the gift, the anticipation of the trip, the experiences during the trip, the memories that last forever. The saying goes, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Get them off the devices.

Many of our holiday gifts isolate family members even more. Our kids have their faces in new phones, iPads, video games. Giving the gift of a vacation, allows you time with the family away from all the daily distractions and technology. This brings joy for you as well as those you are giving to.


Paying for something on a plan isn’t something that I regularly suggest doing, but if you can budget properly, you can pay off your vacation over a few months BEFORE you travel, rather than having the excitement first and THEN 3 months of bills which is what often happens at Christmas and not a great way to start the new year.

So many fun ways to surprise them

Have Disney themed balloons blown up and put them in a big wrapped box

Scavenger hunt that ends with the announcement

Decorated cake with the words “You are going to Disney” or “Welcome Aboard”

Design a puzzle with a message

Pictionary Game with a Surprise ending

Last advent calendar opening

Make a ticket




So many ways to give this gift, so many places to go. Will you gift your loved ones a Disney vacation this year? If so, where will you go?




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