Halloween on the High Seas

If you are cruising with Disney in September or October, you will experience a very festive season. All four ships are decorated with fall flare. There are fall decorations adorning the ship from stem to stern including the port hole Jack-o-lanterns that are adored by guests.

I have highlighted some of the events on most Halloween on the High Seas Cruises (please check with your personal Navigator for events on your specific sailing). Each day there are Halloween themed activities from stories under the Pumpkin tree to crafts centered around the season in the kids’ clubs. The big event is the Mouse-querade Party.


  • Mickey’s Mouse-querade Party – This Halloween party is filled with games, trick-or-treating, dancing and meeting Disney characters in their Halloween attire.  It typically occurs twice in the night. Arrive early for a good spot or head to Decks 4 or 5 if you want to avoid the crowd and noise. If you brought Halloween costumes, this is the time to wear them! The actual party is on Deck 3 in the Atrium but if you hang out on Deck 5 during the party you can enjoy the party without all the crowds. The characters only mingle on Deck 3 during the party, but they do not take photos or autographs during this time. The party starts with the cast members dancing and games around the atrium. It is crowded, so it’s hard to play the games. Most people find a spot and wait for the characters to come out for their performance to a few songs. After the performance, trick or treating begins! The candy stations are set up around the atrium and the candy is plentiful! Your kiddos shouldn’t be disappointed by their stash; the cast members are VERY generous.

  • Mask and Pumpkin Carving Crafts – Halloween-themed activities at the youth clubs


  • Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas Sing and Scream – An interactive movie experience followed by a character meet and greet with Jack and Sally


  • Haunted Stories of the Sea – Spooky Storytime in the atrium or on Deck depending on the sailing.

  • Creepy Cabaret- A band of musicians playing ghostly music in the atrium.


  • Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids – An adult-only costume and dance party.


  • The Pumpkin Tree. A large Pumpkin tree is the focal point of the atrium. As you board, the tree will be empty. Typically, the first night, the “caretaker” will tell the story of the tree. As the cruise progresses, the tree fills with pumpkins.



  • Halloween themed movies on the funnel vision on the pool deck and on your stateroom


Tips for your Halloween on the High Seas Cruise


  • Pack your costumes! People go all out on these sailings. I love seeing the families who have dressed as a team. Many Disney themed options from the Incredibles family to the emotions from the movie Inside Out and everything in between. Check with your travel agent if you are on a shorter cruise. Sometimes the Halloween Mouse-querade party can be the same night as Pirate night and you will need to decide whether you want to dress like a pirate for all events or mix it up.

  • Don’t forget to take photos. There are many photo options with characters in costume as well. These are unique opportunities so take advantage of it!

  • Kids may need noise cancellation headphones. If your kids are sensitive to sounds and over stimulation, I would suggestion packing these.


  • To insure you can experience some of the special Halloween activities, you may need to sign up ahead of time. Check your personal navigator upon arrival the first day and see if anything needs a special ticket.


  • If you have kids with nut allergies, in the past two years, I have found few options for them during the trick or treating. I would suggest bringing them a little bag to be certain it is all allergy free. They do also carry nut free items in the ship’s store.

  • Treat yourself to the special sweets and specialty drinks created for these sailings in the sweet shops on the ship.






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