How Should You Utilize Your Celebrations?

How should you utilize your Celebrations?

Disney is offering you a gift on your birthday. You can take one of three options:

  1. A free one day, one park ticket
  2. A Fun Card (gift card) valued at the cost of a one day, one park ticket or
  3. A Fast Pass Badge.

I have run the numbers and done some research on these options. The Fun Card is for select merchandise, recreation, and fun activities at select participating locations at WDW or DL. The Free one day, one park ticket must be acquired on your birthday, but can be used anytime until the client’s next birthday. The Fast Pass badge is for select Fast Pass venues and it is not like past Dreams Fast Passes. The way it is running now is a little confusing, but basically it’s a card they give you that allows you to pick 4 rides from two categories to use the Fast Pass badge. You go to the venues and it will spit out a Fast Pass for that time frame you are in. Even if the ride is out of Fast Passes for the day, you can still get one at a designated Birthday Fast Pass kiosk left open even if the others are closed. However, Disney clearly states these badges may not be available after 11 AM. 

Here is my train of thought: if you go to the park early (at opening), you should be able to ride those rides you would Fast Pass in a relatively short period of time. The free ticket is not even an economical option for anyone who is on vacation at either resort for more than two days. The price difference between a 3 and a 4 day ticket is only $7 more, the difference between 4 and 5 is $3. So to shave off a day of your package to take advantage of the free park ticket simply doesn’t make sense. Of course, if you live within driving distance of either resort, it may benefit you! The Fun Card is the value of a one day ticket, so for adults it’s $75 and for kids 3-9, it’s $63! For those souvenirs you are bringing home, this is perfect and definitely the most economical way to go! Just my two cents though. If you are going on the 4th of July, the Fast Pass badge may be a better option.

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