Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, by ‘Kid Expert’ Nattie, age 10

Temple of Peril, Disneyland Paris

Temple of Peril, Disneyland Paris

          One of my favorite rides in Disneyland Paris was Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peril. This rollercoaster is outside and goes upside down! You race by rocks (really big ones) in a mine cart that brings you around sharp turns and flies you up and down. This ride is really jerky so if you put your head way back in the seat you won’t get banged around so much.

          This is very popular so when the gates open, hurry and get to it. It’s located in Adventureland and is close to Adventure Isle. That’s the big pirate island. It’s kind of hidden by plants but it’s easier if you get a map at the gates.

          There’s a lot to look at when waiting in line for this ride.

Cobra Rail, Temple of Doom, Disneyland Paris

Cobra Rail, Temple of Doom, Disneyland Paris

You see a jeep and Indiana Jones’ camp. Then when you go upstairs if you look out there are cobras on the temple’s stairs. They wind up as banisters which I though was really creative. Then you approach the old, broken down temple. That is why this ride is one of my favorites.


Written by our Kid Expert, Nattie. Check out more of what she has to say as well as more tips and tricks at her Kid’s Only Page.

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  2. Absolutely LOVE the video. It’s nice to be able to “test” a ride before I try it out.

  3. Jon Sinclair says:

    Thanks Michelle. The lines were very short that morning, so we rode the first time just for fun and then filmed on the second run. I tried to hold it as still as I could, but as you can see, it was still a little shaky. It’s a fun roller coaster!

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