Key Features of the Disney World App

Before traveling to Walt Disney World, the Disney World app is a must! You can find it on all app stores by looking for this symbol.

Disney World App

This app will make your vacation even more magical. Below I have highlighted some of my favorite features.

1. Make Theme Park Reservations

To ensure capacity is kept to a percentage and allowing people to plan, Disney came out with the Theme Park Reservation System. This allows guests to choose from (at the time of this post), one park per day for each guest who has a ticket. This can be done through the app, but it takes you off the app to a browser to complete.

2. Buy park tickets

Don’t have tickets yet? No problem, you can buy them through the app.

3. Dining reservations

Sixty days from your check-in date, you can reserve sit down table reservations.

4. Online check-in

This allows you to skip the front desk for check-in. You add your card to the account, select your time of arrival, and accept or decline housekeeping service.

Disney Online Check-In

5. Direct to room video on this feature.

This allows you to move about and have fun, and the resort will let you know when your room is ready. They will also tell you the room number.

Disney Direct to Room

6. View your MagicBands

You can view your magic bands for each guest. Misplace a MagicBand? No worries, you can make it inactive on this feature as well. You can even reset the pin.

7. Unlock your door

Although you can unlock your door with your MagicBand, you can do it with your phone as well.

8. View Charges

Do your kids have spending privileges and want to know what their bill is? This is the feature for you.

9. Resort maps

If you are curious where you are in relation to shops and dining, a map is easily accessible.

10. Get directions

Want to know how far it is walking to a certain location? This is a super handy feature if you are not familiar with the area. Want to grab a drink at the Yacht Club before dinner at Boardwalk but unsure how far of a walk it is? Bingo!

11. Recreation, shopping, spa, Tours, and Entertainment info on the resort

Here you will find the complete rundown on the happenings around your report. It even gives you the option to call for appointments for things like spa appointments and tours.

12. Chat with us feature

I love this feature! This is so great if you have a quick question from the front desk. Before if you were not in your room to call, you would have to run down and wait in line for the front desk to answer a question. This way, you go about your day, and they answer you via chat.

13. “My Plans”

Can’t remember where you are having dinner tomorrow night, or you want to make sure everyone has a park pass reservations? It is all here in this section.

14. Mobile order

This feature was one of my favorites added even before Covid. Want a dole whip, but the lines are long? Order online and let them know when you arrive. A freshly made one will be up shortly. They are using this feature now for all quick-service dining. You are not able to enter a quick-service dining area without a mobile order ready for pick up. I find it much less chaotic than the old way of standing in a queue with the whole family waiting to order.

15. Virtual queue

This is currently the way you get a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance. It can be glitchy but a great feature to avoid the mad dashes for hot attractions. If they get this one down better, I hope to see it at other attractions.

16. Wait times notifications

I use this even while sitting in the office to get a gauge in flow and when the lines are trending shortest. It does depend on the park and attraction but such a useful tool!

Disney Wait Times

17. Join walk-up list

The newest addition to app and it is undoubtedly one of my favorites. This is for sit down restaurants where you do not already have a reservation. You can look at restaurants that have walk-up availability at any of the parks or at the resorts. If you are in the area (at that park or resort), you can join the waitlist, and it will notify you when your table is ready. I cannot love this feature enough.

Disney Dining Walk-Up List

18. See your PhotoPass photos

One of the best features of the PhotoPass is attraction pictures. Regardless, PhotoPass is fantastic because you get pictures of everyone and they are professionally shot. There are typically a few surprise additions to your photos when they pop up, which makes things super fun.

It is incredible how far this app has come in a relatively short period of time. I hear new features will be coming. I look forward to seeing how they make our vacations even more magical.


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