Planning For A Walt Disney World Trip, Stage 2 -Dining And Activities Reservations, by Gil Pohl

Recently I posted the first of three blogs I am writing about planning for a Walt Disney World Trip.  In Stage I of planning for your trip we talked about where to stay, what tickets to purchase, and how to make dining plans.  Hopefully, with the help of The Mouse Experts you have now picked the right “on property” resort, know what ticket package is best for you, and have decided if a dining plan is right for you.  Most experienced Walt Disney World travelers would hope to have all of this done at least 6 months from the time of the upcoming trip.  Why six months?  Disney has just changed back to a 180 day advance reservations system for dining and special activities.

With all of the Disney Dining plans now available and the offering of free dining at certain times of the year, if you plan on eating at any of the on-property sit down restaurants, advance reservations are a most.  So if you plan on having Breakfast with Cindy or a fun filled evening at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Review, let The Mouse Experts get those reservations made as soon as possible.  The more popular the dining experience, the sooner you must book. 

If you have taken my advice and book a room on-property, then Disney will allow you to book 180 + ten days in advance.  What this means is that by using your room reservation number, meals for your entire stay (up to ten days) can be made at one time up to 180 days in advance. 

EPCOT Dive QuestIn addition to dining reservation, booking of special activities must also be done early.  Disney World offers everything from behind the scene tours of the parks, parasailing over Bay Lake, golfing, spa treatments, and just about anything else you can think of doing.  During my up coming trip in December I am going to EPCOT Segwey TourSCUBA dive
at the Living Seas and take a Segway Tour of EPCOT before it opens. 

Remember, do not over do it, leave time to relax and just enjoy Walt Disney World.  I will soon post the last of my three part blogs on planning a Walt Disney Trip, Planning What to Do When I Get There?

Discover the magic of Walt Disney World® Resorts and parks on a Walt Disney World® family vacation, and share the joy of Mickey Mouse and company with your kids. Let The Mouse Experts plan the perfect Disney trip for you and your loved ones. Contact us today at 1-877-80MOUSE. We look forward to sending you on the magical vacation of a lifetime.


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  1. Mia Evans says:

    It really helped when you said that we should book the restaurants and special activities in advance when going to Disney World. It would be great if we can get help from a Disney vacation planner for the summer so that we can have the assurance that we don’t miss anything important. When many people visit that park, we might have a hard time getting tickets if we do not do what you have advised us to do as early as now.

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