Ride Quiz #1. Peter Pan’s Flight

I thought I would start something different today. I’m going to post some Disney ride quizes to see just how much you know about Disney World. Some of the questions will be easy, but others will be challenging. Since some of the answers would be nearly impossible unless you had just gone on the rides, they will be multiple choice so you can guess on the ones you’re not sure about. If you’ve been to the parks recently, you should find this a little easier. However, if you’re stumped, you can probably find most of the answers with a Google search.

The first quiz will be on Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland at the Walt Disney World Resort. I will add the answers at a later time. Good Luck!

Peter Pan's Flight, Fantasyland, Walt Disney World

Peter Pan's Flight, Fantasyland, Walt Disney World

1. What classic doll is sitting in the corner as you fly through Wendy’s bedroom?   

     a. Holly Hobby     b. Raggedy Andy     c. Strawberry Shortcake

2. What name is over the door on the doghouse?

     a. Fido     b. Lucy     c. Nana

3. As you fly over London, what time is displayed on Big Ben?

     a. 9:06     b. Noon     c. 3:33

4. Which one of these items are the mermaids NOT holding?

     a. Angel Harp     b. Shell Horn     c. Clam Shell     d. Starfish

5. How many Lost Boys are sitting around the fire?

     a. Four     b. Five     c. Six

6. How many times does Captain Hook appear during the ride?

     a. Three     b. Five     c. Seven

7. Where does the final battle take place between Peter Pan and Capt Hook?

     a.  In Peter’s hideout     b. In London     c. On a ship

8. What do you sit in during the ride?

     a. A trolley car     b. A ship     c. The Lost Boys’ Express

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