My memories of Space Mountain

Space Mountain is back open after a nearly six month rennovation where everything from tracks and queues were rehabbed. At one point, the roof was even off  and track was being pulled out and put in. From the video I have seen, the qeues are really cool. You can play video games while waiting in line!

This takes me back to my first trip to Disney World©. I went with my dad when I was ten. My parents are divorced and it was a special father daughter trip. We had a blast! My dad, still in my mind can do anything, he is a salty sailor and seems to be fearless. So when he said “let’s go on Space Mountain”, I wanted to show him I was too. But the whole time in line, I was scared to death! Keeping in mind this was the early 80s, there were no fast passes and no interactive queues, so you looked at what they had on display and made small talk while waiting in a very long line. Close to the end of the line I had to go to the bathroom so badly, I nearly had an accident but refused to tell my dad and get out of line. We rode the ride, I got off and looked at him and instantly realized, I had found the thing my dad did not like, coasters… But he did it for me as he did not want to disappoint me, thinking I wanted to ride it. He says now he was waiting for me to chicken out.  I remember that day like it was almost yesterday. It wasn’t my favorite thing I had done and I wasn’t running to go back and get in line but I had conquered a fear and was proud I did it. Now, throw me on it, I am fine but I will always remember that fear in my stomach and the thrill of riding it first with my dad. That trip was full of memories and to think 28 years later, we have a business that started with a love for a place that first came into my life on that day I conquered Space Mountain.

Dad and I in front of the castle in the early 80s

My next trip is over the holidays. I can’t wait to see the changes to Space Mountain, my dad might be making the trip with us, think I can get him back on it? I bet the kid expert  can…..

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  1. Michelle Alford says:

    What a cute story!

    I just got back from visiting my new baby nephew. His mother doesn’t like roller coasters at all, but she was talking about how in no time at all he’d be dragging her onto all the rides.

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