Stay Cool in the Summer Heat at Disney

Traveling to the Disney World® Resort this summer or thinking you want to but afraid of the heat? Here are some tips to keep you cool while enjoying the attractions

Park hours are longer

  • Go in earlier before the big heat kicks in and jump on those rides that attract long lines and have outside queues first.
  • Think about doing a sit-down reservation lunch to cool off. This allows you to take a break from the heat after you have gotten a lot of the big rides in and while the majority of guests head in for the day (the average guest arrives between 9:30 and 11).
  • Have a fast pass already scheduled for after lunch for a high line attractor and then take in some shows in the air conditioning OR head back to the pool to cool off.


  • Think about a counter service or grab n go for dinner at the resort and head back to the parks for the after-sunset hours when it cools down. You may want to save a fast pass for this time or just go enjoy the night time shows.
  • Regardless, the parks are open longer. You have more time to enjoy the parks in the cooler times of the day and be smart about the hotter hours.

Water parks.

There are two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. These get busy in the afternoon hours so hit these in the morning and get in the rides that attract long lines and enjoy the wave pools and other areas in the afternoon or head out when the crowds kick in. With the water park feature on your ticket, you can actually extend your days of vacation. With a four-day ticket with water park feature, you get four days’ entrance to the four parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) as well as four entrances to either water park. You can use the water park entrances on the same day as your park entrances or four separate days altogether.


Plan your fastpasses ahead

  • If you are staying on property, you can pre-select three fast passes per day of your vacation, 60 days ahead. There are some guidelines but basically you can select up to three in the same park each day of your vacation.
  • Get in and get some of the hot ones done. For example, you can do Big Thunder Railroad and Splash Mountain right away when the park opens without a fastpass and those outside ques will get hot in the afternoon. However, do fastpass Seven Dwarfs Mine Train that draws large crowds all day. If you have to decide between two fastpass options of rides that draw lines all day because you are only able to pick one based off a circumstance, pick the one that has more of its queue in the heat and standby the ones that is in air. If you are booked or booking with The Mouse Experts, you will get a fastpass tips and tricks guide that helps you understand which to fastpass, which to not fastpass, and when to fastpass.

Keep Your Energy levels up

It is critical to fuel and hydrate your body properly. That starts from when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day…

  • At breakfast, be sure to fuel up on oatmeal, eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit. Stay away from the thick sauces and heavy foods, as they starve your body of the nutrients its needs and makes you feel full faster and slows down digestion, which makes you tired and sluggish. Who wants to feel sluggish first thing in the morning when you have all day at the Parks to look forward to?
  • Be sure to drink 1 full glass of water first thing in the morning. Drink another with breakfast and steadily throughout the day. One good tip…if you “chug” your water, you are already dehydrated. Signs of dehydration, especially in the heat are: dizziness, overheating and not having the ability to cool off, headache, tired, muscle cramps and lack of appetite.
  • NEVER over eat. This will allow your energy levels to maintain and not have spikes in blood sugar.
  • Try to stay away from foods that are high in sodium (pizza, hot dogs, sausages, thick sauces). Prepack your healthy snacks. Bring fruit into the parks with you. Make a healthy trail mix of raw, unsalted nuts, dried (no sugar added) fruit. This is a great energizer and a snack that will help get you through the mid-morning or mid-afternoon before lunch or dinner.
  • During the heat of the day, stay away from drinks that are high in sugar and alcohol, as they both cause dehydration. The best remedy is water…Drink up!!!
  • Vacation and Disney are filled with deserts and great foods…but during the heat, do yourself a favor and save those “treats” for dinner. You want to give yourself the best chance to enjoy your experience and adventures with a clear mind and healthy body during the day.

A few ways to cool down

  • Bring one of those fans with the misters or buy one in the parks. They are more expensive in the parks but you don’t have to travel with it and last I heard, if the park one broke, you can take it to a booth selling them and they will replace it.
  • Bring a washcloth that you wet and put in the freezer the night before. Put it in a little plastic bag and place it on your neck as you get hot. You can refresh it as the day goes on by running it under water in the bathroom.
  • Most of the quick service places will give you a free glass of water to stay hydrated or bring a bottled water you can refill. However, bring those little packs of Crystal Lite or something similar to mask the very distinct taste of Florida water.
  • Bottom-line, yes, it is hot in the summer at the Walt Disney World® Resort but many have to travel this time due to school schedules and doing family reunions. There are ways to do it and still have a great time! I went twice last summer and managed to stay cool and have the best time!  They have also added a few fun new things this summer that you really need to check out. I have listed only a few of them below!
    • The Music of Pixar Live
    • The Frozen Summer Games at Blizzard Beach
    • Pandora, The World of Avatar (which is amazing at night! )
    • Rivers of Light in Animal Kingdom
    • Happily Ever After fireworks show at Magic Kingdom
    • Disney Movie Magic Show at Hollywood Studios

So take these tips and head down for a fun filled vacation!






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