The magic is plentiful with the parks re-opened.

As mentioned before in our blog Our Thoughts on Walt Disney World After Re-opening, many of us have mentioned how we like the new way of doing Character dining. Pre-pandemic days, it could take up to an hour and a half to see all the characters at a character meal because they go to every table, take pictures with everyone and sign autographs. Although this was a time-honored tradition for many families, it can be very hard to keep little ones entertained for that long while sitting and waiting for the next character. Now, they are coming out and almost continuously floating the room interacting from afar with everyone. I saw them many times get down eye level to little guys and communicate in creative ways to ensure the child knew, the character was talking specifically to them. They are playful and fun; I feel the energy is actually more upbeat and magical with this layout. They have also been really good at taking selfies from afar. And as you leave, you receive a card with all the characters signatures on them that can be placed in a scrapbook or displayed somewhere special.


The pop-up character appearances throughout the parks whether a cavalcade that cruises down the street, The Storm Troopers calling your kiddos over for a chat, or the Step-sisters trying to get all the young boys to marry them from the top of the castle make the pixie dust a little more plentiful in my opinion.  You may see Merida or Gaston on a horse, Tinkerbell on top of a box full of treasures, some of your favorites dancing and celebrating, Winnie the Pooh and friends on a trolley, and so much more. Check out the train station especially in the morning for more characters and how they interact with the guests.



We have always said there is so much more to the parks than the typical things people think of when they think of Disney World. So many little bits of magic around every corner. Now is the time to experience those little bits of magic. There are things some of us have never noticed. The smells the sounds. I have never seen the queue for Peter Pan as I always rode it earlier in the day with little line or Fast Passed it. What a cool little interactive queue! You forget that some of the things that set Disney apart are these little things that get missed with larger crowds and a focus on getting as much done in a day. For those with kids that have been before, this is so much a part of a tip during this time.

ALL of the kids we have spoken to who have gone since it re-opened talk about how many rides they were able to go on and how many times. Two of our Kid Experts rode Slinky Dog 9 times! On Space Mountain a cast member just asked people that were coming back if they wanted to stay on. For ride junkies, this is amazing!

For kids that love the themed pools, this is a great time as well. With the parks so low in crowds, you can go and enjoy the attractions with time to still play at the resort. And a Disney themed pool is the best away to take a mask break. You need to have a mask on as you enter the pool and if you get up from your chair to go to the bathroom or get food but if you are going from the chair to the pool and of course in the pool, no masks required.


One of our kid experts, Lyric is a budding photographer, and really enjoyed being able to wander around and take photos of any little thing. This is definitely not something that would be possible with normal crowds.



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