Things to eat in Pandora, The World of Avatar

Pandora, the World of Avatar is small but mighty. The attention to details in every aspect of this land carries through to the food and beverage options.

Snacks and beverages

Pongu Pongu is the place in Pandora, The World of Avatar to grab a drink or the land’s signature snack. Pongu Pongu means “Party Party” in the Na’vi language. A place where the Na’vi and friends from Earth cam come together and celebrate.


The drinks are very festive to go along with the theming of the land. There are two frozen options. The first is the Night Blossom which is a non-alcoholic option. The Night Blossom is a mix of Limeade with apple and desert pear flavors, all topped off with passion fruit boba balls. It can be purchased with or without a souvenir Pongu Mug complete with a glowing Unadelta seed. This “seed” is a clip on so you can use it on other glasses if you so choose to. The colors of this drink are vibrant with bright purple and green and a splash of yellow from the boba balls on top.

night blossom

The Mo’ara Margarita mixes Sauza Commemorative Anejo Tequila with strawberry and blood orange flavors. It is also topped with strawberry boba balls. I felt this option had nothing particularly special about it. It tasted like a Strawberry margarita. I did not taste the blood orange expect for the added sweetness I felt the drink had.

Mo’ara High Country Ale and Hawke’s Grog are your two beer choices.  Both these options were good but I preferred the Hawke’s Grog. So much so, I had a second! They’re both fairly light and well described in the board when ordering. The High-Country Ale was a little hoppier if you like that in your beer.


The already much talked about Pongu Lumpia is the only option for a snack. Lumpia is a popular street food in Indonesia and the Philippines. I liken it to an egg roll ad typically filled with meat and veggies. Pongu Pongu has a sweet twist with pineapple and cream cheese-filled spring roll finished off with a sprinkle of sugar. This is all the rage right now and is a must have while visiting this land in my opinion.


Satu’li Canteen

For the hungrier visitors, your option in Pandora, The World of Avatar is Satu’li Canteen. This is a quick service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner but we are only going to look at the lunch and dinner menus as this is what I experienced.

The main entrees everyone is talking about are the “build Your Own Bowl” and the Cheeseburger pods.

Build Your own bowl is a game changer in the parks for those looking for a healthier option. You pick your protein, your base, and your sauce. Salmon was our fish that day and I tried that as well as chicken and beef. I added the chimichurri sauce and it was delicious with the whole grain rice. I am very sensitive to sodium and these types of meals can have too much but I found it to be very well seasoned without overdoing it.

The cheeseburger pods are very interesting in texture and I was hesitant. It is a lot of dough! But the filling was pleasantly tasty. It was a cross between a cheeseburger and a meaty skillet entrée. The pod encasing it was a very soft bread and didn’t really have flavor. The crunch to the slaw that accompanied it was a nice companion to the soft entrée and had good flavor. I do believe this will be a huge hit with the younger guests to the land.

satu'li options.jpg

I did not try any of the signature drinks but have heard from someone else on our team that the Sangria was not only a strange blue color but not something she felt most would enjoy. The combination of the super sweetness and the wine, did not mix well. There are Banshee wine options and many thought these were nice choices on a hot day.

The two desserts are a Blueberry Cream Chess Mousse and a Chocolate cake.  The Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse was a tarter choice but wonderful in texture. The chocolate cake was surprisingly lighter in sweetness. It is not a super sweet chocolate option. It was more like a mousse inside and the dark chocolate flavor had a very strong cocoa flavor.

Overall, as a healthy eater, this is my new favorite in quick service restaurants in the parks. You have choices and it is different than anything else on property. Make sure to use the app and pre-order to bypass the lines so you can enjoy more of Pandora, The Word of Avatar.

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