This Year’s Trip, by Gil Pohl

As many of you know, my family and I are now at the Walt Disney World® Resort enjoying the Magic of it all.  I have been here so many times that I have lost count, but it is the one place that I look forward to visiting year after year. 

People know that my wife Vicki and I visit Disney World often and I am asked by many of them “What do we find to do year after year.”  I always reply, “My problem is not finding things to do; but finding time to do them all.”  This year Vicki and I are going to be taking a different type of trip and I want to tell you about it.  On this trip we are going to slow down and enjoy the little things about Disney World that we have missed on previous trips while running to get to the newest “E” ticket ride.  Here are a few that I have put on the must- do list for the 2009 adventure: 

       -We are going to see “Off Kilter”, and more than just a glance over the shoulder as we run by.  I have always planned on attending this show and have never made it.  We are going to check out the times for the show, get there a few minutes early, buy a drink somewhere, and enjoy the show.


       -We are going to read some of the signs along the way.  We are going to explore and see what the stories are behind some of the attractions.  If you are there when we are, you might have to run by us in the queue for one of the rides as we stop to check out the things to see “and read” before getting on the ride.

      -We are going to spend hours checking out the holiday decorations.

      -We are going to look for and find some of the street performers and sit and watch their show.

      -We are going to find an out of the way place to sit and have a drink with friends and family.

I am sure you can see that the trip I am planning this year is one where I plan to slow down and really enjoy the “DISNEY MAGIC”.

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