Topolino’s at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Disney’s Riviera Resort opened yesterday, and while staying here for the preview, I wanted to experience Topolino’s Terrace. The service was exceptional! I managed to get a seat at the community table. There are also 11 seats at the bar and four high tops as well as a little lounge area. These are all great options for those that do not have a reservation. They do offer a full menu in these areas.

The cocktail and wine list seemed to be more extensive than most restaurants on property. Their whiskey and bourbon options were much more detailed than other Walt Disney World Resort restaurants. I found their wine list to be a little limited, but there seems to be a solid choice in each category.

The outdoor terrace is lovely! Great views, full bar, and ample seating. You cannot just come up and enjoy the terrace and a cocktail. At this time, the terrace is only available to those eating in the restaurant, either in the main dining room or at the bar. From the restaurant and the terrace, you can see fireworks. I saw Hollywood Studios fireworks, and although the weather was stormy and it was limited, I could see how it would be nice to sit outside on a beautiful night and have an after-dinner drink and soak them in.

The menu had something for just about everyone. I opted for the seasonal kale and fig salad which was terrific and the sole dish. The salad was lightly dressed so you could enjoy the combinations in the dish. The fish has tasty flavors, but it did have a lot of butter in the sauce, and the fish had many bones; however, they were easy to avoid. The people next to me had the veal and lamb chop. They said the veal was terrific, but the lamb tasted like a simple pot roast. I didn’t eat any pasta, but theirs is homemade and looked terrific!

The location, ambience, and service all make this a great new option on property.


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