Vegetarians on the High Seas


Everyone knows how amazing the food is on a Disney cruise, but I recently went on the Disney Dream with my friend who worried about eating as she is a vegetarian. She had been to Walt Disney World® Resort before and loved all the options available to her. She remembers how amazing everything was at the parks but on other trips we’ve gone on for vacation and school trips, she ends up eating a bowl of mac and cheese or french fries which doesn’t really work as a meal. I’d told her about the cruise prior to our trip so she expected the food to be great but she didn’t know how much of that food she’d be allowed to eat. The first day we got there, we had fun at the pool and then headed to find something for lunch. I could see as we made our way to Cabanas on Deck 11 that she was a little more than worried. She found out very quickly that Disney does a great job of including things for all types of eaters including pasta, pizza, fruit, vegetables, and salads. She was more than surprised when she found herself with the problem everyone has on a Disney Cruise,  a plate completely full of delicious things. At dinner, most appetizers don’t have meat and yes there are many entrees she couldn’t have, but they also included a vegetarian portion of the menu with a good amount of options to choose from. By the end of the cruise, she had great dinners, breakfasts, and many options of different locations she could eat at for lunch. Not to be forgotten, all the dessert that is just to die for. For those who are worried about food on your Disney Cruise vacation, there’s no need. There are so many options for vegetarians that it was definitely not a challenge to find something to fill you for a fun day in the sun.


Written by our Kid Expert, Marin Sinclair


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