What’s Up With The Mickey Hats?, by Kid Expert Nattie, Age 10

The Mickey hats, yes a true icon on almost every Disney picture. But, why Mickey hats? Why not Mickey bobble heads, Mickey action figures, or Mickey masks? Well I think kids, AND adults want to look like Mickey while being comfortable. See you can drop Mickey bobble heads or actions figures and be uncomfortable in a Mickey mask but Mickey hats are just perfect! Another reason is parents can spot their kids in summer crowds, or just have a nap under those no-more-sun-like ears. There may be some other reason none of us would even stop for a second to think about.

The last time I went to Disney I saw a ton of different types of hats. There were pirate, wedding, casual, princess, train-like, and countless different types to choose from. Yet, every day in the parks, I bet you will see at least one Mickey Mouse hat. Trust me.

mickey hat

Written by our Kid Expert, Nattie. Check out more of what she has to say as well as more tips and tricks at her Kid’s Only Page.

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