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Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney World

Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney World

A few weeks ago, we learned about a fun game at the Magic Kingdom. Every morning, cast members hide five paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island. The lucky ones who find these brushes are rewarded with fast passes for the day for their entire family! Cool, I thought, as I started planning my ‘hunt’ around the island. How hard could it be? Right?

The first boat to the island left the dock at 10:00 this morning and we were on it. Our plan was to split up so we could cover more ground and then report back at a certain time to see who had found a brush. We hit the ground running (literally). A quick trip around the island made me realize just how hot and humid it really was, even at 10am.

I figured it would take us about 15-20 minutes of searching to find a brush. Well….it didn’t quite work out that way. After 30 minutes of intense searching in the heat and humidity, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. We looked behind trash cans, throughout every nook and cranny of the fort, under chairs, and in the bushes. We even looked throughout the three caves on the island, where we had to use the light on our phone to search in the dark. Still nothing. And we weren’t the only ones having a problem. I asked several other people how they were doing and none of them had found a brush either. So much for stumbling on a brush; these were hidden well.

Hidden paintbrush on Tom Sawyer Island

After an hour of searching in the heat, we headed back to the boat without a paint brush, and more importantly, an all-day FastPass. Overall we had a lot of fun, and if nothing else, it was something different to do. We go to the park enough that I didn’t mind losing an hour where I could have been doing something else. If you don’t make it to the park often; however, I would suggest skipping this scavenger hunt and enjoying the rides instead. But….. you never know, you just might be the lucky one who finds a paintbrush and gets to enjoy FastPasses for the day. Good luck!

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