Fun Facts About The World Showcase

The World Showcase in Epcot is one of my personal favorites, especially at night. There are many interesting facts about this area of Walt Disney World® Resort. I have highlighted some I have learned about recently.


The France pavilion uses forced perspective on the Eiffel Tower replica. It is much smaller than it appears. Rumor is, Disney is so concerned about revealing how small it really is that they supposedly use bird repellent on the structure because a bird perched atop the tower would give away the illusion!

The bridge that connects the UK and France is modeled after the Pont des Arts bridge (the lock bridge in Paris).


The Morocco pavilion is the only pavilion that was funded by another government. The King, Hassan II, wanted to make sure that the details of his culture were correct so he sent over a team to guarantee it was done properly. Even today, the pavilion and the restaurant, Marrakesh, is still run by the team set up by the King and is still sponsored by the government of Morocco.

Another interesting fact about Morocco is it’s the only country that does not light up during Illuminations. Morocco has a high Muslim population, and the main tower of the building in Morocco’s pavilion is a replica of a prayer tower. Lighting the prayer tower at night would be against Muslim beliefs.


You will notice the beautiful statue as you enter the Japan pavilion.  The statue was a gift from Japan. This statue was  originally a gift from the government of Japan when Magic Kingdom first opened.  It was moved when Epcot opened.

United States

Disney used forced perspective in the USA Pavilion as well.  The building looks like it’s only a few stories tall to resemble a traditional Colonial building, but it is really 5 stories!  The doors also look like a standard door, but they are 12 feet tall!


Disney brings in water to the Italy pavilion from Pennsylvania, because it is most similar to the water in Naples, Italy.  Using this water source in the Via Napoli pizza dough makes it more authentic tasting.


At the rear of the Sommerfest quick service location in Germany are a pair of wooden doors? Those doors were supposed to be another attraction. In the original plans, there was going to be a water attraction where you take a boat down the Rhine.

In the Biergarten, the restaurant in the German pavilion, they celebrate Oktoberfest every day. They serve 26.3 miles of bratwurst every 60 days.


The pyramid in the Mexico pavilion is a launch spot for fireworks!


Next time you are at the Canada pavilion, take a closer look at the totem poles.  There are 3, but only one of them is actually real.  The one on the left was hand carved by David Boxley.  It weighs about 700 pounds.  The other two totem poles are not hand carved. They are actually made of fiber glass that has been stacked on top of each other to mimic totem poles.

United Kingdom

After the buildings were constructed in the UK Pavilion, Disney thought they looked too clean to be accurate, so they painted on soot!

Anne Hathaway was the wife of Shakespeare.  Her cottage was the model for the Tea Caddy shop in the UK pavilion.

There are four crests on the second story windows of The Queen’s Table gift shop. These are the crests of four of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.  From left to right they are Oxford, Eton, Edinburgh, & Cambridge.

The barges for Illuminations are brought in and out each day for the show. The globe is tall and doesn’t fit under the bridges.  Disney solved this problem by creating a drawbridge.  Between China and the African Outpost, look close at the bridge over the water.  This will open in the afternoon to allow the barges to pass and set up for Illuminations.


Do you have any fun facts about the World Showcase? Let us know! We love to learn new ones!







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