25 Things to Keep Your Kids Busy on a Road Trip

Many families drive to Disney destinations and the struggle is real when tackling how to entertain restless kiddos. I asked our amazing team of agents for ideas on how they keep the littles busy and we compiled the list below. In addition to the typical ideas like videos, name that tune, and books on tape, there are some pretty creative ideas for kids young to older. I can’t wait to try some of these on our next road trip.

  1. Give them each $10 at the grocery store before we go and let them pick out their own special snacks for the car.
  2. Bring a football or soccer ball for rest stops so they can run around a little.
  3. Play scavenger hunt games with different themes. The winner gets a special “treat” at the next rest stop.
  4. Give an envelope that they open as you cross into each state. In the envelope, are fun facts about that state and a sweet treat too.
  5. Plan an hourly present like the dollar packets with stickers crayons and coloring pages, a deck of cards, candy or snack, etc.  As you get closer to the destination, make it a gift card or something useful for where you will be like a new pair of swim trunks or pool float or sunglasses depending on the destination.
  6. Play a game called Skittles. When you see a yellow car, the first one to say “skittles” receives a point. If you see a police car the first person to say “busted” gets everyone’s points. You can make up other rules for different colors. Set a time limit, point limit or between stops.
  7. Put together a plastic shoe box with car games and activity books for each child care according to age. Include small snacks that take a while to eat.
  8. If you are traveling to Walt Disney® Resort, bring envelopes to decorate for “mousekeeping” and make treat bags for special cast members.
  9. Make road trip Lego boxes
  10.  Print out road trip Bingo cards. Use stickers instead of Bingo markers.
  11. Travel during hours they are normally sleeping
  12. Make books with maps so the kids can follow where they are. Each page after the main map is an outline of the states in order of our travel. The options are endless. Young kids can color the state, older kids can draw things in like places stopped, things seen, history, journaling.
  13. Make sewing cards in various shapes out of cardboard, punch holes in the border and give shoelaces or yarn to thread through.
  14. Felt potato heads with all the pieces in a zipper pouch or paper dolls out of felt with clothes.
  15. Play “what is in the cloud “game?
  16. Instead of crayons which can easily melt in a hot car, pack colored pencils.
  17. Play a game called “5 Things”. Someone has to ask a question and everyone has to give 5 examples. Ex. What 5 rides are you most excited for? What 5 snacks do you want to try? What 5 things should we do that we didn’t do last time? Then on the way back play “5 favorite things from that trip”.
  18. Use a back of the front seat organizer. The kids can put various things in the pockets right in front of them. It keeps the car neat and the kids have everything at their fingertips. 
  19. Bring a basket of books for them to read and clipboards for them to use to color/draw/write.
  20. Travel Mad libs
  21. Window clings for decorating the back window. If you can find ones with letters, the older kids can write messages for passing cars.
  22. Make up a story where one person starts and then another person jumps in. It keeps going back and forth until someone finally says “The End”.
  23. Play the question jar. Type up a list of journaling prompts, conversation starters, and or questions. Cut them up them up and put them in a jar. Everyone gets to pick from the jar and has to answer the question they pick. You can make the questions trip related if you wish. But a lot can be learned by asking things like “what is your dream vacation?” “If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?” “What is your favorite vacation memory?” “Who would you invite to dinner if you could invite anyone? 
  24. Play the game “Would you rather?’. You can find questions for this online as well. This can get really silly.
  25. Magnetic tin tray games you can make yourself or find in the dollar section of Target are a great idea. Tic Tac Toe, Chess, Checkers and Bingo. Kids close in age can put the tray between them on the fold down cup holder/arm rest and play!

What was your favorite road trip activity as a kid?










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7 Responses to “25 Things to Keep Your Kids Busy on a Road Trip”

  1. I love your idea to use stickers when playing road trip bingo with our kids. My parents want to book a charter bus to take our whole family on a vacation together before winter. I was a bit worried about keeping our two kids happy on the charter bus, so your entertainment ideas will be really useful for us!

  2. My aunt has been thinking about going on a road trip with her kids, but they need some ways to stay distracted. She would really like to get some activities from a professional in order to make sure that they can have fun. I’ll be sure to tell her about how she can get some books for them to read, or clipboards for them to draw or color on.

  3. To tell the truth, traveling with children is quite not an easy task because you always need to provide for many nuances, including looking for some ways to entertain your kids. I am really happy to read your article because soon we will go on a road trip and now it is no longer a problem what to create to satisfy the desires of my children and get rid them of boredom. Before this time I couldn’t even think about such a wonderful possibility to take magnetic board games with us. It is the best decision to spend your time with usefulness and fun at the same time, without any chance to lose some particles. Also, I really liked Wikki Stix because it is such an unusual and fascinating idea. Children can develop their creativity and create something absolutely unique from waxy sticks. It is thrilling.

  4. Holding kids of any age entertained on a long car ride can sense like it takes a wonder but with the correct games and activities, traveling with kids can be joy and somewhat relaxed. If you have a family road trip in your coming times, you’ll surely desire to check out our inventory of the best toys, travel trays, video games and more from reliable retailers. Crayons and colored pencils can get dull after certain span of time, but it’s tough to discover a kid who doesn’t go crazy over stickers. Road trips are one of the biggest, maximum American activities if not there are children in the back seat. We mean, kids shouting at the back of you as you while sitting in traffic, it’s just no joy at all. And as you drive your family to a BBQ hour down this weekend, you should be having pleasure.

  5. Mia Evans says:

    I love that you talked about having a book with maps that our kids can follow through while we pass various cities or states. We plan to book a bus rental to go to Delaware, Ohio which will take hours to reach. So it will keep them from boredom to have those kinds of activities while also learning about geography at the same time.

  6. James Edward says:

    I was more than happy to search out this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this excellent read!! I undoubtedly enjoying every little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

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