Disney does it right in the midst of Irma

Unless you live under a rock, you heard there was a little storm called Irma. We had quite a few agents down there who rode out the storm either because they had planned trips or like one of our agents did, evacuated from Tampa. I kept seeing the posts on all the amazing things Disney was doing to make their guests feel comfortable and at ease so I thought I would share some of these experiences. Bottom line, “Disney killed it” as Jen Novak, our agent said. They did a fantastic job!

A first that I know of, Walt Disney World® Resort allowed pets for those evacuating. You needed to provide vaccinations and rabies records and you could not leave them unattended but what a huge relief for these evacuees. Our agent said it was crazy to see all the dogs everywhere. In true Disney fashion, they made the best of this as well. There was a dog talent show at Yacht Club and Character meet n greets for the dogs!

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The character interactions were everywhere! From playing games with guests, coloring with the kids, dance parties, they even manned the concierge desk at Port Orleans French Quarter. https://twitter.com/CafeFantasia/status/906956674379939840

Even the actors from Disney movies kicked in. Kristen Bell rode out the storm at Walt Disney World Resort. She went to a local shelter and sang some Frozen tunes for the evacuees.

One of our agents Mia Kosinski, shared this with our team.
“Definitely no other place I’d rather ride out a hurricane than Walt Disney World® Resort! Contemporary has been nothing short of overly accommodating and amazing. They’ve done a fantastic job of keeping everyone’s minds off of Irma. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney but I’m not gonna lie, I started to tear up a bit knowing we are about to experience the biggest hurricane ever and I’m watching my two-year-old play catch with Donald Duck and my four-year-old is playing jenga with Mickey Mouse. Feeling pretty grateful right now.”

I want to play Jenga with Mickey Mouse


Another agent of ours, Rebecca Vermeer shared the below
“I have a friend who has been a cast member for almost ten years. She posted that she was really hoping to come home but that being there has been an amazing experience. She was in the parks before they closed and said seeing people making the most of their vacations before the storm and how much joy they had reminded her of why she loves her job”

Our agent, Jen Novak who evacuated from Tampa shared this with me.
We had a friend staying in a standard room. They moved us so we could be in the same building since you aren’t allowed outside.
There were special meals and special pricing available. Buffets were available for breakfast and lunch at O’hana and Kona had bagged lunches and dinners.
They even had distilled water behind the counter for people needing it to clean medical equipment.
The staff treated it like a hurricane party. They were so efficient, seemed to always have the answer, and seemed to be having fun.
I loved the dance party with characters. Lilo sitting down on the floor and coloring with kids (while shaking her booty to YMCA). We had characters at meals and always in the lobby for games.
The bar was open and showing football. No one was in a rush and people were in great spirits.
We plan to evacuate to Disney for every hurricane. We never even heard a peep from the storm. We watched our free Disney movies and went to bed without a Care.

The parks! They were so empty. Cast members were very laid back, asking where you are from, if you didn’t have a fast pass they very well may wave you on. The girls with the balloons were being overly dramatic like they were being taken away and the guy at Casey’s Corner was playing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”. The attitude was just light and fun as they quickly made everything safe and put minds at ease.”

One of our Ears pups, Henry,  enjoying 101 Dalmatians at the Polynesian

We have heard today a lot of pixie dust is being sprinkled with arcade games being free, guests receiving extra fast passes when the parks open back up and they have even given way some free Not So Scary Halloween party tickets.

Bottom-line, once again Disney does it right! The cast members and guests remained calm and made the experience fun and light. I love partnering with a company who takes care of their guests in such loving and creative ways.


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  1. Janet Kosinski says:

    My son, daughter-in-law & 3 grandsons hunkered down at the Contemporary during Irma. I can’t say enough how wonderful Disney was in the scary situation. As a grandma in Indiana, I felt helpless to give any aide to help my family. But Disney came through with flying colors, as I heard how great my family was cared for & treated. Thank-you Disney World for taking care of my loved ones when I couldn’t. I am forever grateful! By the way, my daughter-in-law is one of your agents mentioned above, Mia Kosinski .

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